"Pete was a force in completing the first public investment in the Florence Business District in over 30 years. Without his leadership, a great project for neighborhood business development simply would not have happened."

-Mele Mason

North Omaha Commercial Club

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"Cass Street from 72nd to 84th Streets was in bad shape and suffered from numerous potholes. Pete helped prioritize this important stretch of road and has helped complete many other street projects in his district."

-Lisa Jones

Peony Park Neighborhood Association

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"The Benson Business District is experiencing a renaissance of new investment, new jobs, and new energy. It's become a destination for young professionals and Pete has played a major role in all of it."

-Jim Johnson

The Waiting Room

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"The Dundee Business District renovation project has become a model for community development in historic neighborhoods throughout the city. Pete led every step of the way including raising over $2 million in private funds to get it done."

-Molly Romero

Dundee-Memorial Park
Neighborhood Association

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"Pete voted to cut property taxes, voted against the restaurant tax, and pressed for major pension reform. I've appreciated his positions on behalf of taxpayers like me"

-Kevee Kirshenbaum


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"The area around 102nd and Blondo was devastated by Pine Wilt disease. Pete helped us work with the city to remove dead pine trees and re-plant for the future."

-The Goaley Family

Long-time Residents

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"When government, philanthropy, business, and neighborhoods work together we can accomplish many great things. I'm excited about that vision for the future of our city."

-Pete Festersen

Dodge Street Overpass Renovation Project

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Dear Friends,

I've enjoyed representing the citizens of District 1 on the Omaha City Council and am proud of our many accomplishments together. I am also proud to have served as City Council President and that I've kept my focus on the priorities we identified when first elected.

I introduced and fought for measures that added more police on our streets and deterred property crime.  I cut property taxes, voted against the restaurant tax and pushed for major pension reform. I renovated the Benson, Dundee and Florence Business Districts. And I've been a champion for increased street resurfacing, alternative transit, safe and affordable housing, and improved recycling and sustainability practices.

I could not have achieved these milestones without your support and without the support of many business, philanthropic, and neighborhood leaders. It's this shared vision that makes me excited about the future of our city.

I hope you will remain active in our campaign for re-election so we can continue to keep our neighborhoods safe and strong.

Pete Festersen

Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe and Strong.

Fighting Crime

  •  Added police officers and new cruisers on our streets.
  •  Passed a property crime ordinance to deter theft and burglaries throughout the city.
  •  Supported the police athletic league for at-risk kids.

Holding the Line On Taxes

  •  Cut property taxes and voted against the restaurant tax.
  •  Pressed for major police and fire pension reform.
  •  Cut millions to keep spending in check.

Community Development

  •  Renovated the Benson, Dundee and Florence business districts.
  •  Increased street resurfacing and improved pedestrian/biking opportunities.
  •  Enhanced code enforcement, affordable housing, and sustainability practices.