Top Priorities

Fighting Crime

To fight crime in our neighborhoods we need experienced leadership. Pete has served as Chairman of the City Council's Public Safety Committee.

Pete will continue to:

  • Increase the number of police on our streets
  • Get tough on gangs, illegal guns and graffiti
  • Attack the root causes of crime by providing education, jobs and hope in all parts of our city

Holding the Line On Taxes

Pete has served as City Council President and Chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee.

To hold the line on taxes we must:

  • Limit city spending
  • Continue major police, fire and civilian pension reforms
  • Manage the city's debt to restore our bond rating

Community Development

District One is blessed with unique neighborhoods that have maintained their historic identity.

To continue our great progress we must:

  • Continue to make public and private investments in our neighborhood business districts
  • Resurface our major and residential streets and improve pedestrian/biking opportunities
  • Enhance code enforcement and the demolition of condemned properties